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What is GeoRadius?

Our global software platform is integrated with multiple GPS vehicle tracking devices and capable of running simultaneously on the same client login. We offer industry proven technology that solves real world business challenges in the supply chain and logistics sector through the innovative use of telematics. Various reports and monitoring functions available in multiple languages provide you with an invaluable insight into various parameters like location, speed, stoppage and idling time of the vehicle, total distance covered, device alerts and other data parameters. Modular architecture offers Third Party Hardware integration with our software moreover GeoRadius’s open APIs can be easily integrated into any fleet management system and ERP that is used in real-time monitoring of temperature, camera, cargo lock and fuel. We now offer a comprehensive partner program, which allows you to gain access to tools and resources driving both sales and service business, creating new opportunities and increasing profitability.

  • Vehicle Tracking System

    Vehicle Tracking System

    GeoRadius offers comprehensive software solution for commercial fleet tracking and management. Our GPS vehicle tracking devices offer worldwide GPS satellite coverage with nationwide customer sales and service network. Globally check your vehicle's usage and recover it efficiently in case of theft. As a fleet operator our data helps you eliminate unsafe practices and increase security of drivers and vehicles.

  • Taxi Dispatch System

    Taxi Dispatch System

    Dispatch System is optimized for dispatching private & public taxis, field technicians, emergency and helpline services. These service processes demands call input, call dispatching, call status, event notes, tracking, call resolution and disposition. Jobs are booked via tele calls, website and mobile apps whereas duty dispatching is done effectively through MDT, Voice and SMS, the allocation process is done under 1 minute.
  • School Bus RFID System

    School Bus RFID System

    School bus RFID system is designed specifically for school transportation tracking and to monitor student presence and ridership in a safe and non-intrusive way. Knowing when a student got on or off the bus or arrived and departed from school accounts for a significant portion of calls that parents make to check with schools, these notifications are sent through push messages or cellular text SMS.

Who are our customers?

Our customers demand for enhancements focussing on saving human resources and maximizing efficiency, we patiently listen and find solutions to assist their operations and are proud to serve the best in the industry. Our accomplishments are described in various case studies in this website.

Who do we work with?

Serving the best demands working with the best, our alliances with reliable providers enables us to offer unbeatable service with 99% uptime.

Who has certified us?

Certifications from accredited organisations are achieved from time to time in order to keep pace with quality supply and customer satisfaction.

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