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GeoRadius is a direct subsidiary of Nucleus Microsystems Private Limited which was established in 2003 with its core operations in Research and Development of Computerized Management Systems. We are a provider of superior value added solutions and products. The other divisions are a pioneer in Human Resource Management, Innovative Surveillance, Access Control, Queue Management Systems Network Security solutions and Google Maps authorized reselling.

With our flagship product GeoRadius developed in 2008, with years of Research & Development of GPS / GPRS based Automatic Vehicle Tracking System (AVTS), the company is actively engaged in the development of various intelligent fleet management systems. Pioneering in Taxi Dispatch System, we are a leading technology provider to largest Taxi fleet in India. Our newest offering to Startups and SME fleets, insures a hassle free cloud based Fleet Management Taxi Dispatch Solution.

It offers all the functionalities for managing a fleet without maintaining expensive server and IT managers. Protective measures are in place to ensure the highest security, with unique domain based login for each user. Login from wherever there’s an internet connection without any restrictions on number of users. Dispatch with or without using a GPS vehicle tracking device. We offer standard API access for integrating with Third Party Software and transportation ERPs. We have industry proven technology that solves real world business challenges in the transportation and logistics sector through the innovative use of telematics.
With a stable and future proof development on an ever changing competitive environment with 99% uptime on server software, we now offer a comprehensive partner program, which allows you to gain access to tools and resources driving both sales and service business, creating new opportunities and increasing profitability. GeoRadius currently has three different modes of partnership:

Channel Partner Program

Channel Partner program is designed to help out individuals and SME to capitalize on fast growing vehicle tracking system marketplace without any up-front investment. Channel Partners form a strong complement to our direct sales force in order to address under-served and new market segments. To know more about our Channel Partner program, email us, or fill up the form at our contact page.


Dealership program is designed for those who are looking to invest their time and money in this fast growing market place for greater profits. Dealers act as company’s face in the retail market, and therefore are vital in expanding our horizons. GeoRadius is currently looking for aggressive marketing companies for expanding it’s base across India, South America and South-East Asia. Get in touch with us, or fill up the form at our contact page for more information regarding our dealership.

OEM / Manufacturer / Whitelabel

For SME and GPS vehicle Tracking Device manufacturers or importers of GPS vehicle tracking devices wishing to promote their own name / brand, we provide a re-branded version of our software, both on a SAAS and self-hosted models. The user interface can be customized to reflect the desired branding. The modularity of our solution allows us to integrate almost any device within our solution, we are currently supporting 54 GPS devices from various manufacturers. Probably the GPS Device that you are using right now may already be integrated within our software. Reach us, or fill up the form at our contact page to know more on how we can form a mutually beneficial partnership.

Protocol Integrated & Supported GPS Vehicle tracking Devices on GeoRadius Server:

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